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Boman Irani as Dr. In the present story, he is a settled married man in Delhi who has freed his family from poverty by becoming a wealthy executive. And that is beyond her gorgeous looks.

Boman Irani, as the principal, almost revives his disciplinarian dean characterization from Munnabhai MBBS which is more palpable with his disgust towards the rebellious protagonist, Rancho akin to Sanjay Dutt who is furthermore in love with his daughter ala Gracy Singh.

Without comment, Rancho does so.

Mayank Shekhar's Review: 3 Idiots

Pia, in reply, tells Rancho of the exam, and he and Farhan steal the examination's questions for Raju who refuses to cheat. He must endure unhappiness for the sake of both. The three friends break into Virus' house so Rancho can propose his own marriage to Pia, and then urinate on a door inside the compound.

Aamir Khan Kareena Kapoor R. For the zillionth time in a Hindi film, a bride runs away from the pheras on her wedding day. Pia falls in love with Rancho.

This is making ourselves non creative even we are not doing better.

Mayank Shekhar's Review: 3 Idiots

Through every quick-witted song and dance number, through every comedic scene, through every instance of dramatic despair, emotionally alive moment, solemnly poignant sequence, suspenseful setup, to a lovely, heartfelt conclusion, 3 Idiots is a wonderful, invaluable endeavor in the world of film.

Boman Irani is exceptionally good as the principal. Hirani planned to wrap up the film by December. Even if it means digging into Internet or memory, a joke, that cheers up the purpose better.

3 Idiots Movie Review

During a Teachers Day celebration, Chatur is humiliated when he delivers a Hindi speech modified by Rancho, and bets Rancho that ten years later,they would see who is more successful. First be skilled and Then become successful in life by your work. He does appreciate what Chhote did for him, and tells Raju and Farhan where to find him.

This makes connection with an audience easy. While portraying this in the film, however, the filmmakers turn the screen into black and white.

3 Idiots Movie Review

The campus here could be any Indian college. He has but two friends in his engineering school for a support system. Few reels into the flick and the sense of deja vu surmount any other prevalent feeling at that point of time.

Our title characters are ambitious but stunted Farhan Qureshi R. Hirani and his co-writer Abhijat Joshi realise this. The film's good points, though, are marred by a slow start and a nerve-jangling soundtrack (except for the charming "Aal Izz Well").

3 Idiots: Movie Review. 3 Idiots: Movie Review. Gaurav Malani In a late scene from the film, 2 of the 3 idiots zip down their pants and pat their bottoms facing the third idiot. Rather than. Dec 25,  · The three idiots, Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and Farhan Qureshi (R Madhavan), are perfect archetypes of the new age Indian who is essentially a non /5.

Movie Review: 3 Idiots

Movie Review: 3 Idiots It is my first time to watch an Indian film and I must tell you that it is a great experience. At first, I actually taught that it is a typical comedy movie but I was wrong. Read Citylights Review – a film that gives a strong message to commoners who abandon village struggle in the hope to conquer city dreams 3 Idiots is not just the story of 3 engineering students; it is a story of every being that takes birth on this planet.

Mayank Shekhar's Review: 3 Idiots Before 3 Idiots on screen, you still don’t feel like the fourth idiot in the theatre. That’s a non-Bollywood relief.

Write a film review of three idiots indian
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